She had ignored several times a call referring her to this job, not because she had anything better ,she was actually jobless fresh from campus just finished her attachment, the thing is that she could not make up her mind…

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Uliza kalamu

She is a book store herself  Has a  bookshelf for a heart  Ink runs through her veins Her story is in the books  Hers is a life full of chapters  Different tittles of people she has met Some take a…

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my love

Where the rivers flow, Conversing secretly with the stones Where the crickets sing The song of the forest The  trees clapping The wind keeps the beat The birds are the lead soloist The rays of sunshine join in There sits…

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When I will be a mother

Hello ,I hope I’m not being over ambitious When I will be a mother, I will teach my children they arent the most valued species that ever existed but they have a very unique role each And for that reason…

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