wait for the right one

The year was coming to a close..a good thing to celebrate right?.. wrong.. this was not her celebration time.. she had been praying and had almost fasted for this miracle.Her mother and father  had brought her  up in the ways of the Lord(the mutaratara ( order)chuches) and had no choice but to trust even in this matter

Waiting for it to happen.. she was so plain to God in her prayers sneeded someone to occupy the big space in her heart.. it so happened one day that Bunyori was sent to a nearby town by her guardian,as she boarded the matatu.. the neighbour happened to be a childhood friend..if not friend..then neighbour

Talks were as casual and blended in so we’ll. of course the journey shorter.. They didn’t need to exchange numbers..He had obtained her’s from God knows where!! 😎so it was just her to save his.. and a friendship struck.Despite being a village girl by birth… even though  known slightly the ways of the city.. and he being a town guy their conversations would still flow..

They would last till late or do I say till early the next day..her questions to this boy from the city about what he does and in so many ways as he explained ( I lack the words to say it was a sweet friendship) πŸ‘«πŸ‘«

One thing about her is that she got walls around her and she is very protective of her space.. πŸ’‚Somehow this walls just disintegrated at the sight of one Jomamu.. that was his name .. and sooner than she knew she was developing interest in Jomamu….. πŸ’‘πŸ’‘According to her.. He deserved it He had helped her do so many things…

Infact she would do her work very fast and escort him every time he came home..they were neighbours.. remember….He would listen to her from their nearby home as she sang her luhya songs as she cleaned utensils..πŸ˜—

 Any instance she was sent to the market and got late..intentionally or by circumstances she was sure of an escort and life was all of a sudden heaven on Earth😍… she loved him with  all the village in her… unlike her mother’s several warnings on how to handle men..😐 “Jomamu is not a man… he is an angel.. “she thought to herself..

Moments were sweeter than I can describe.chats and conversations coloured the day and brightened the night 🌟 but remember Bunyori was still so green in this love maters 😱 unlike his friend and now lover who you would suppose had swam severally in this ocean of love….🏊.She still valued lessons from her church that Marriage was the only door to enter so she would enjoy the untold privileges…

The struggle in her was between what she knew and had been taught since childhood and what Jomamu and love had introduced her to..she would of course find herself following with what appealed more to the current situations  but her conscienceπŸ‘€βœ‹ would almost kill her afterwards 

Bunyori had compromised too much gauging from who she was..even if not to the forbidden fruit…..this was not her nature .. she needed a come back she still needed to lift up Holy hands πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹on Sunday as she led the church in the bukusu worships . Jomamu and  their friendship was still valuable to her… however a few things here and there are shaken….one sure this is that Jomamu would never be hers forever.. Several things were already against them…

Wait for the right one is my conclusion.. and as you wait.. value and build friendships more.. it is easier to maintain .. maybe you’ll suddenly meet your friend and realize you wanna spend the rest of your life with your best friend

We only marry one person.. so young life shouldn’t be spent trying na fall in love with everyone

Finally… Boyfriends should not enjoy husband’s privileges…..however  there’s no stage where redemption can’t be found for a willing soul.. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„

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