Woman of RLoyalty

Am a woman of Royalty
Yes! one of loyalty
To God family and friends
Worth more than rubbies says solomon
Worth written on that rugged cross

A virtuous woman
And i will be found
Making up and pedicuring
My fathers vineyard
I win my battles
On my knees, my weapons
Are not carnal
Knowing the enemy to fight not!

Not about my curves
But about his love
And im ready to share to them
who deserve it least
To those in the dark
Light a candle
With the boldness of a lioness,
Snatch them from fire

Not letting anyone despise my youth
setting an example in love
In faith in purity and word
That i can say boldly
follow me as i follow Christ
then many daughters will do well
And she (the 31st proverb woman )will exceed them all!

Yvonne ndungu


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