Why we work.

Sooo why do you want to leave your job and get another? That was the first question in that consultation room..her answers were vague.or do i call them not structured she jumped from her seniors being bossy to collegues not being cooperative..let me spare you the long conversation we didn’t come up with much..

Now we work for satisfaction and money in that order.. when you are satisfied with what you doing you enjoy and work isn’t a burden anymore..

Money can be a motivation where by you  only stay for the end of month package.. it’s in such instances that I have seen people quit their jobs to do something less paying but more fullfiling.😃 And that is fine

Drama comes when you have nothing to keep money no satisfaction just a daily routine to pay rent and buy food and help your mind have just enough to keep your weight in check.sadly or unfortunately this is where most kenyan youth are..chasing things for the sake of making a living

So people don’t have a chance to really work at what they really want when they have the energy.. that’s why most people will start their own thing after retiring.. let’s say  a  NYAMBURANDUNGU FOUNDATION when I’m retired  and have ‘alot‘ of money but no energy.. just a Will Power written on paper but no strength to drive it…. 

It’s in this situation that other strong willed young leaders Will  come knocking doors with brown envelopes ( we all know what is usually in them). some  of you probably have a personal experience where they were knocked out courtsey of those envelopes carrying those long CVs …. It’s this (nowadays halfbacked) degree holders that Will carry or be forced by circumstances to carry the idea of this retired senior citizen.. remember,, this is not even their idea they just want some money to live, that doesn’t mean they don’t have anything in mind to grow them… but they don’t have Money so lisilo na budi hubidi.

And this is a cycle… it will take a strong heart to break free from what is now the norm.its not gonna be easy.. it’s tough but if you get satisfaction money will follow..we already have enough rich frustrated people .. your decision daily dictate whether their number increases or not

Finally brethren.. I didn’t say quit your not satisfying job today but have in mind you need time to work on what you personally want to do.. don’t waste  or rather use up allyour energy working for an, get experience don’t forget you have a life to live…

In the end we’re gonna be measured by how much of our selves we gave and left behind

Nyambura Ndungu 2018-16-05

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