Happy international men’s day!

A dedication to that warrior – never giving up man

We see you daily,

Some in great suits, driving huge cars,

Bouncing out of them at parking lots.

With so much in mind.

Some walking fast to catch a train.

With aprons and overalls  lifting heavy loads.

Pulling heavy carts in kamukunji

We ain’t blind.. We see you sweat

Come home beaten and tired

Forcing smiles for your charming daughter

With aching backs and clogged minds

We also see you unwind on Friday evenings

With brown bottles calling it ( baada ya kazi)

Some with microphones preaching hearts out!

But we know you break down and cry

Maybe behind closed doors and curtains

Because we have branded you strong!

And you have  undoubtedly shown us that..

So we celebrate you today.. 

Cheers to you..

To You famous dadies who bring up families

To You responsible men who keep promises

To those caring husbands loving your wives

Those nephews and cousins,

 who  colour our world with laughter

To those loving boyfriends we have.

To the great men friends and supportive brothers

To those great pillars behind our success..

The world is better with you!

Keep working hard , keep paving the way
You have our support.

And to  those absent fathers.. Come home we miss you!!




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