10Years Later-Bulala

me outside bulala hostels

A guava tree is green outside when raw and can still be green or yellow when it’s ripe, you see we can’t question the wisdom of creation like a watermelon is always green outside but the inside is red. The girl who loved eating guavas also loves melons so those are some of the things you wont lack in her house even 10 years later. she grew up in Murang’a born bled and raised there amidst the green hills and winding valleys, thats where her love for guavas started. she played hide and seek with her peers or even younger people than her at one point she was in class 8 playing with class 5 kids,, that was what was available so reduce your judgement and try to understand this is her story not yours.

“Ten years can feel like a very long time, especially for teenagers who view a 40-year-old as an old and wise person with grey hair. this is the story of an 18/19-year-old damsel who lived in the suburbs of Kakamega, near Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, and learn about her experiences after a whole decade.”

The picture was taken in a village called Bulala, in Kakamega. It overlooks the college where an investor decided to build hostels for students in MMUST. Living in the old Hall 1, also known as Fort Jesus, wasn’t pleasant after the first year. The hall was old, had a gender rule of 10 to 10, and your boyfriend couldn’t visit peacefully after 10 pm or he would be considered a criminal. You couldn’t cook inside the hostel and had to share a room of six with 3 partitions,, which wasn’t ideal. Bulala was the best alternative since it was close to the college, just a five-minute walk through the bushes, and you could easily get home.

These bushes were not just bushes, they had guava trees, that one would enjoy if you didn’t “t have 18 Ksh to go eat Ugali beef at the student Mess. many times this girl found herself here, it was also a field for prayer, the Christian Union came here to pray. it was called Bethel. to this day the sign post is there, occasionally during lunch hour you would find brethren praying in the bushes then after like 45 minutes you would hear some faint voice leading a song then the other fasters would join then come pray together and conclude holding hands,, so many prayers were answered in that environment. Further down there was a river.

that the river we crossed, up the hill to Bulala, on days we had to use it in the evenings, the path was dark. Still, we had the warmth of walking with each other like Friday after the C.U fellowship that ended at around 9 pm. Now the problem came if the Bulala train left you and you had to make a choice, traverse that darkness alone or crash at a friends place in Hall one.

Tragedy struck. Bulala started becoming insecure. One particular night while we were sleeping , we had a double deck bed, the mattress size of a tongue and a high school blanket, we heard screams ,, guys with machetes attacked us at night and cut one of my friends arms; Conan Gakure, it was so scary we were talking in low hushed tones in the dark, death lurked, windows were hit with the machetes and my the pink curtain which was a high school bedsheet would move at the slightest wind,, and my heart was in my hands. How i loathed that night. Not to mention that the knob at my door wasn’t firm from inside,, one violent shake the door would have given way ,

I was telling you the story of Bulala, there were not just bad days , we had very memorable days.

There was this guy I had a crush on during my second year of school—names withheld. We had just resumed school after a long holiday, and I had really missed him. , he had arrived back to Kakamega again from Muranga. He lived within campus and I was thrilled when he said he was coming to see me . He gave me a hug right outside my door, and I almost melted. It’s funny how I still remember and can almost relive that feeling even after 10 years. That hug meant so much to me at that time. Gentlemen, you should know what a hug means to a lady, but of course, not all hugs are equal. Some hugs feel like a tree trunk, so please be mindful before you reach out your hands.

I was a CET secretary and I hosted many CET executive meeting there i enjoyed cooking for the students living in school, they loved eating and that earned me a title ,, CET mum.

why was it important for me to share this story of Bulala?

because its been 10 years and there’s a temptation to feel like all you do is drown in endless shit, that statement feels familiar

a decade later, we have lost things yet you are still here recounting, different things. I am recounting the many boyfriends i have dated and dumped or vise versa. but at least i have something to count. i lived it.

The many crusades I have attended, the reader be advised, i used to preach in crusades, oh how loooooved it. Dressed in very long dresses. Occasionally i have to remind myself that God didn’t love me more then than he loves me now. lest i get consumed in the salvation of works.

A decade later, I worked for companies as though I was going to become the next CEO, yet i was terminated. other jobs have looked for me and I’m the one who left after greener pastures came calling .I have gained lots of friends and lost them, my sanguine nature is very bad when it comes to keeping relationships, yet I’m better than most of the friends i created in MMUST i keep reaching out to them.

This particular photo was taken in Bulala and its 10 years today, a disclaimer is that my today is not your today,, the day i wrote this is not the same day you read it. i started writting in april but this is May,, so my tody and yours are different.

I’m entering a phase of life that is very important to me my birthday is coming and i was taught to honor birthdays and keep them holy, just like a sabbath. ,A friend kept asking me what i want for my birthday, she even suggested to take me to a mugithi night,, . its the thought and desire to make my birthday memorable that matters. honestly i haven’t made up my mind on the Mugithi but im sure of one thing i value friendships.

Last Thursday night, after our never ending Bible study with the Maziwa Group, we found ourselves standing outside of a friend’s house at 1:00 am. Three people were laughing hysterically, and it made me realize how much I need genuine friendships. I am grateful for the connections I have made. there’s one connection especially that I deeply cherish. However, I am not currently able to discuss it here, perhaps in another forum.

so my mind wandered to a birthday that happened in church last Sunday, and what can we say, i advised this two friends against trying something like that i want suprises just not in Church. Anyway i want a Tiguan.. ,,get me a Tiguan new model ,, its what i want for my birthday. just as a means of transport and a gift to a girl

A Tiguan is a Volks Wagen car .smaller than Toureg but bigger than a T-cross

so Yvonne 10 years later you are here to celebrate another year,,, happy birthday in advance, 16th May isn’t too far,

Happy Mother’s Day to you in advance.

Three words to define your past 10 years are: God is Faithful.

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