The invited/the crashing 

My client today is a lady..  Our current society will call her  young..  She is barely 24.Her story is an interesting one as she narrated..  It starts in this fast food joint..  After hoping from two hotels with an old friend, they find solace in one fast food  at the city. (Kuchipo) 🐓 chicken and 🍟 chips was what they  ate. 

After the catch up..  The friend mentioned a place she was invited to attend an interview.. These two were friends and team mates in their previous job..  And that was how they met. This lady the friend  her name was watetu she had been  her team leader in  a previous insurance  company,, she was always the big headed girl but her performance was cool. 

Fast forward..  They talked about the interview and the two crazy heads decided that both of them would turn up..  One invited.. One interview crashing..  The motivating quote being

  if you don’t try..  Nothing will happen. If you try..  Something  could  happen 

So they were early for the  bus that  morning  traffuc jam wasn’t anything they wanted.The bus station wasn’t busy..  they easily got the bus to langatta past nyayo stadium. Just after carnivore the famous  laugh industry..  Their destination was… 

Remember  one invited,, one crashing the demacations were clear there was  nothing to ask. But the one crashing started  getting  butterflies, and this was expected  

The roads divided and they took the left it was a two way with evidence of  big cars coming in and out..  The gate was red and white( do your assignment  .. who has those colours). 

At the gate..  Signing the book with every detail and confidence that the  purpose of the visit was interview in capital letters. One invited  one  crashing.  The crashing one didn’t carry her national  I’d..  But the convinced watchman took an NHIF card. 😊.. This is 🇰🇪 kenya. 

The receptionist  received them the African way.. With a cup of tea and papers to fill their details. Then the defining moment  came .. two panels.. One interviewing  the invited,, the other interviewing the crashing one. 

All was well until the interview changed from interview to questions of how did you know there was an interview.. Then the probing.. Then the suspicion that someone internal is letting out company secret, then it settled to..  Because  she is here..  Let her be interviewed  and that became it.. 

But everyone heard about her..  She became famous for the wrong reason of course..  Or for the reason of courage or for the reason of crashing.. Even the watchman was asked why he allowed people  not scheduled.. But he knew not.. 

Definitely their exit  stories were different. The invited and the crashing one

Now I don’t know if anything is to learn in this story….  But certainly something is to 🇦🇱 write.. And that’s what we live for.. 

The invited and the crashing one 


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