No hood like motherhood 

One day isn’t going to define you..

You’ve never left your hood.

But it should be there just incase

we forgets to honour the very reason we exist..

That we fill the world because of you

That some might lack a paternal

But a maternal will always be there

Mother stands for battles you fought secretly

so we might never know how much it costs.

Mother also means the dusty roads you walked barefoot,

That we may drive on tarmac

Your love is pure, endless, selfless

It gives without expecting

Its neither a flatter nor does it fails

It believes beyond believing

And when the world condems,

She will take you in, she already did

Her love resembles that one of God.

She doesn’t have to keep saying it.. But you know

And its still a secret, a mystery of creation

A mothers is one wonderful evidence that God’s gentle hand still leads us.

Happy mothers’ season

Nyambura ndungu



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