A year older, a year bolder

I cant keep count of a days I just realised that today  is my 🎊 birthday  I’ve  been so occupied  ..well I’m not that bad  I realised that yesterday  .A lot has changed  I happen to have lost interest in many things. 

I don’t feel like me that I was 4 or 3 years ago.Stuff that used to give me goosebumps just pass by slightly noticed they tell me that’s growth.  I miss that person I was. But I still have  place for country music, love and  nyama choma. 

let’s go back to when I was turning 21.I had one  sleepless night planning for a birthday party .  I had no money but I didn’t want this day to just pass. Somehow I got money and threw the best bash I could for my then campus friends in my house out of campus. 
Further back in form 3 my classmates made it count for me, if you’d ask me 16th of May should have been declared a national holiday because I was born.Just a by the way,   I was born to a lady who I really resemble. 

This particular day  in school happened to be having a function. what we mainly called funky.. but I was shy I sat in class the whole time admiring from the window , but my friend Lillian long live her,  she brought me guys from different schools and they burst out to a birthday song right there in front of me. Alot more fun followed. For me that’s memorable to date..

 Further back in form one .. Let me just paint for you the picture of the lady or girl for that matter that I was .A slim 14 year old girl , very tall,  broken hair on the sides remaining on the top of the head that I looked like a peacock🦃 No great shape in the green uniform of ST.  Francis Mangu..  but even then I got someone celebrate my birthday. 

Back to this lady who I already told you told you I resemble  my Millicent mwangi she taught me to honour birthdays so as to keep them holy. I have many memories but let’s brush through one. 

 I was in class three and my birthday fell on a nice weekend . she cooked,  baked cake invited my friends from school actually the whole class , most importantly she invited my teachers . she went ahead and bought me a ✨ sparkling  white 👗 dress  I looked like a bride on my birthday .. Lets not say that by evening it was torn.. 

That was the biggest 🎊 birthday  that  had ever been in my school  it set a standard . it was the talk of school on Monday. We took a photo that I still have kept safe. So you see i grew up to honour  birthdays and every preparations that comes with it.As the saying goes ..

train up a child in the way he should go blah blah blah”

  I was trained and I am still on the way. 

Fast forward looking at the person I Have become . a birthday will still make so much sense.  Forgetting my birthday it’s not something He 😍should think of . 

Today I’m celebrating the the path , the journey, the footprints everything that has made me the failures, the joys  the achievements, my poems and unsang songs in me. 📚 i have written in my heart.

 … This birthday is about looking back and celebrating and being thankful that there’s a birthday and am alive with friends. That i have flaws but there are people who still think I’m a gem  I cant be collected  among stones. Thank you  for sharing pieces of your  life with me. 

Feel free to pour me that bucket of 💧 water  , wash me with 🍾 champagne  spoil  me..  today is that day that give you ability to behold me. 🌷🌸

it’s a happy birthday





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