Behind successful women

Behind every successful woman is some man 

who has obtained favor to call her baby.

 Some man who knows that sort of woman cannot be found… 

 He has taken  his time, money and resources 

To  build her to what he is proud to look at. 

A man who’s  had the privilege to hold her in his arms

Wipe her tears when she cried. 

His joy  is that the love he has for her is unconditional. 

That even if she gets married or not 

She will still be her daughter. 

That man is her dad. 

Good thing is biologically  present or not, a daughter will always find a dad. 

In one man who has looked for a daughter. 

So look around see successful girls and know their dads are behind it. 

You can choose to join the dads in continuing the good work.

Be the husbands continuing great  works of dads 

and the man behind a successful woman. 

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