The 7th anniversary

Before I’d know.. It was 12;00am

Looks like we had just started

A new environment but she was determined to adapt.

I looked at her,she was enjoying,

So I decided to be on duty that day

The DJ was on point so were the drinks

She let herself gooo!!

Her favorite team was playing

And they won 5-1

Waiter…more drinks please!!!

She drove wild 80 kph late that night

,heavy head but clear roads

So what’s to worry

The experience was hers to tell..

Shez quiet,shez calm ,shez submissive

But then his words,incessantly cutthrough

From her ears to her heart

I could tell she tried to hold it together

But she got mad,her sleeping lion was awakened

She is not from Nyerri,,

But how her hands flew,to the chins of that man friend

I can’t tell,

I stood there separating two friends, trying not to play sides

He clenched her hands on to his,I could tell he wanted to inflict pain.

This was new,, to all of us..

The music was still playing, but none could dance

A cold wind blew to mock them as they sat outside on dusty stones overgrown with grass

A good day ended bad.A bad way to crown 7years.


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