Foot n mouth prints

Looking at my hand and wondering

What if everyone I greeted left a print..

I’d have a tattooed hand

Learn to leave evidence that you existed

If its on sand,,don’t worry that the rain shall wash it away

Its worth the time it lasts,,

If on rocks take time to engrave..but leave a print 

If its dusty..find your footprints   the wind will blow it but leave them

In people’s lives,in their ears, whisper something building

They might forgot it now but remember it when they need it most 

Scatter your seeds and tender them. whichever will grow

Let’s see you existed years to come

Be the cheerleader, be the table wiper

Or the one who serves water,  the one who lightens up their day with a smile. 

The one who says something good

Just something extra ┬░good

Let someone remember you positively. 

Leave a print,foot,finger or mouth

Leave a trait we would follow.




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