…If you ever leave

If you ever leave, coz you are not forever 

Take this heart and its broken pieces

You are the reason it broke you are the reason its crashed

You lifted it so high and dropped it.

Then sat by its side. ,pretending to nurse it 

 when it collected, you took it to your arms once again, promising forever

It couldn’t listen but it heard,though  unwillinglyl,,so it trusted halfway

Then you broke it again along the wounds ouch!.. that really hurt.

So if you ever leave, because you know you will, all red lights say you have actually left

Take this heart and its broken pieces.

I’ll have a brandy one like the one I had, just before you came. 

I wrote your name on sand and the ocean swept it away

You and your  broken promises, all your memories washed away

 leave now,because you will anyway

Oh! and one more thing..

Don’t forget to leave after you have left



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