Be my Valentine 

When he  asked me to be his Valentine  around this time last year, my mind did endless flips, this was to be the first time  someone asked me out seriously… We only joked about it before  and had gotten used to the games. I also didn’t know  him except that he was a customer. 

My heart run out of me in excitement. Don’t get me wrong,, I was just tired of spending my valentines alone in closed doors or with girl friends. 

It all  began one night in the city drive  mada. He was looking for an inconspicuous location to  celebrate his bachelors  party with afew of his male friends.One dark and tall dressed in a Chinese  collar was Maxwell… One who was chocolate  in a three piece  suit   brown in color.. He was hairy and had a smiley face.His name is Drake.  The third was dressed  casually  khaki trousers  and a polo T-shirt. He looked like their boss… They  buzzed around  him like bees around  a flower. 

I don’t  show  favoritism but amidst his friends  he stood out. Did I say he is tall.. Matching  or exceeding  my height. 

I was not on duty that day, but a colleague requested that I stand in for  him. His name is Onesmus.. We called him Nes.. he wasn’t a bad colleague so it didn’t take much effort. 

They ordered rare drinks, and meals which I served gladly.. I had already identified them as unique Gods  creation.. They don’t seem to be in a hurry.. They were actually the last to leave. As they drove off a wallet  dropped.. Coincidentally or by purpose 

. I saw it as I wiped the  last table to  leave  I sat and checked inside.. There were  no  valuables,, just acard and  two thousand shilling note.. The owner  might have been  supper tactful..to get a girl’s  attention and he did.. 

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