My secret lover (í)

Finally, after alot of asking, today he asks if I’d go over to his house,  I was allover the skies,this was an opportunity I had longed for, to.see where my secret lover lived.. All this while I didn’t know where he lived while my house had become home to both of us..I quickly packed my bags and did a few things to my hair then off ..I was…

That was the longest journey..  I had passed by the place however iI’m not the confrontational type,I had several trip’s to the same place but to visit a friend who happened to live nearby..

I waited for dusk and  around 6:30 I alighted at the main roads.carrying my bag. Not sure of the reception but I was glad I was there finally. Eyes surveyed everywhere for evidence of existence of another Eve..

Well two things,he was either too smart to hide,or  too honest that there was no one or nothing to was abit uncomfortable to harbour the thoughts so I buried them..

Supper was sweet, well prepared by the Chef himself,I’m carnivorous and that was well adhered to. A favourite wine saw me  gain  some comfort and confidence in a new environment,the classic music which is my favourite was was an awesome reception,the host,I must say was prepared to welcome the guest and the night flew peacefully

Shock met me in the morning, I found what I was looking for..I confirmed my fears..

Watch out for episode 2 of my dear secret lover


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