My son Joe

I look at the baby 

Sleeping on my laps so comfy

What a pity

Well I was strong

I didn’t abort ,I didn’t clong

But gave life to him long

But I pity again,

He has no father.

I can’t trace any further
I always heard ” patience ”

Be patient with my ignorance

If possible give me consolance

Forgive my innocence.
When in younghood he asks
 “where is my father?”

I’ll not lie that he died!! Never

He only died in me.

But was ressurected in me,,

By Joe’s birth.

So I’m the one who died in his life.
When he’s a Man,

I’ll ask him to be different,

Responsibility for actions done

That’s what will make him 

A true man..

“That  strength lies in ones ability to take responsibility of their actions” nyambura2014

Then all be proud of My Son Joe



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