My long walk

I am good, I care.

I am brave, I dare.

But the evidence is bare.

Through the struggles I sail.

My guilty friends I bail.

And in the wrongs my heart ail.

For my faith and my God I fail.

And though I hid the evidence.

Just to escape the sentence.

My concious causes me to tense.

For the good in me remains dense.

For many are the ones I’ve hurt. 

As disloyalty and lies are my art.

The guilt and regret loads my cart.

The shame and fear of confrontation deapens the cut.

And as the Saviour calls on the burdened,

Among the good people I’m well blended.

I fear the truth leaves me abandoned.

Though it’s only in truth I get pardoned.

I walk feebly and in the end I’m atoned.

#storiesitell #mathengerhyms

Acknowledged Robert D Mackay.


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