Free indeed??

I just spent my last dime, Not on myself. It isn’t my duty to fulfill, but that’s just how I am.

My bloom attracts insects I could trap for nutrition, but I won’t. Because I’m a “plant ” and I’m expected to “eat” from the “soil.”

And though I’m  two  or three in one, I’ll be whom you expect me to be. 
Then  be my favorite me at the dark of the night.When y’all sleep.

“Formal” procedures I followed and surpassed  expectations, but, “systems” fail. 
But I’m ‘creative’ I will bounce back.

I follow an Alien path. Because my roots were clearly laid long before I was.

I  learn  “me”  from “them” coz we follow “them”.They set  prints  n standards

My toy flew away, but I won’t play with yours. Even when you don’t value it. Coz………, 

Expectations, i must meet them.

I wonder if there were no standards. What if free in deed was indeed free. Oh, the taste of freedom.

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