Will you listen

Will you listen..even if to no one… At least to yourself

It was a long tiresome weekend

a shower on a hot afternoon was justice

Then I heard my body say

As though to complain

I stopped to listen

I paused in the shower 

So what do you want?

More sleep? More pizza. More vegetable?

More coffee or more wine?

Or what!

She was hesitant

The water running down her spine

I inspected her stretch marks

And tried to point them  mistakes

Like a teacher on duty would.

She stood too scared

I forced flat what I thought was big

No.. The tummy should be flat,

The waist should be smaller

So I clenched it with my hands

She ouched,!..

Again she wanted me to listen..

I looked at her in the mirror

Shed been staring at me 

This whole time..

Tears welled up then down her cheeks.

Then I realised, she deserved an apology

For the many scolds of grow! Or shrink!

Add here! Reduce some weight here.

She was asking for more love

She wanted to be accepted

She wanted the I love you texts and words I say daily to others

The embrace I give to everyone but her

The many excerpts dedicated to others than self

The many chances I gave others but her.

She needed to be learnt and known

Strengthened at her weak and

Maximized at her strong

She just needed more..

More  of me, of my time

Not  of silver or gold 

Just more 

More of me.

18-11 -2019

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