The first time  i met her was  2016 September ..I was sitted I the reception waiting to be  served when she came in.She was dressed in a maroon skirt,a white sweater top and white sandles.I couldnt fail to notice the lipstick .She had come to complain about her car having locked her keys inside the vehicle…. the lady gave her no solution but that aside ..i developed a liking for her. She looked young and i heard her say she drives, that was one thing,, the other is that naturally i was attracted. ..she didn’t even say hi  but i had made up my mind if they were gonna pick me i would want to work under her.

I don’t Call me a prophet but they did and put me under her so when i got weary, ii looked and realized she had such a strength base.. and i got interested in her like i had in the beginning..my inquisitive nature came up. This was her response “I used to get so worried carrying all the issues of my whole family and stressed out over them” that was how she started. “In my campus life i was a queen.. not sure if ihcel a King  but i would say that i had had it all . A good campus life, but do i say i studied in an international University in Kenya.. A miss University… don’t you think i was a force to recon with?” At that point i smiled. Cause everyone told me how much of a model i would be but for reasons of fear and my personality i didn’t.i nodded a yes to her question.
“Then Life happened,, Shortly before clearing Fourth year a baby was forthcoming.i would call it the Unfortunate fortune… she came after clearing campus and i had real life to face with a little human being who now called me mum..i had someone to prove to that im a hero if to no one else then to my angel.. i had done marketing as a course so it landed me here in a start up Sales company in the year 2015 second half of the year.Here i met a boss who was both tough and friendly.. she moulded me and held me those many times iwanted to leave..i  guess i drew some of the strength i have now from her..

 The work was tough from getting the Customers to order, ensuring what they order was bought, kitted and delivered.. the JD  i received was different from what i was doing.. this job demanded so much of me while my little Imani😘 still required so much of Mama.. but somehow there was still one reason to stay.This lady my boss who had dreadslocks on her head was one reason to stay. 

The job was demanding but with her strong energy base she managed a promotion to a recruiter who later grew to a manager( I’m avoiding details about the company since my aim is not to advertise the company)

Dealing with young adults who are full of life and know how so much should be done,they just left school and full of expectations  and some feel you are standing between them and their dreams coming true 😨…she particularly remembers a particular time in January 2017 when her team was so difficult to handle. “Two or 3 months later i had to let go of all my team  and start all over again it was not easy😦 . .. but I survived that” she said with a heavy heart.” What kept me was what was to come.. Keeping in mind this was a start up company. The year was smooth and the new team was running and in place and once again she became a force to recorn with..Madam positivity you can call her😋

She definetly had breaking points we know but what she chose to portray at least to we who served under her was strength.At that time Baby Christian😍 was coming.. One more reason to be stronger

Long story short She is a strong Merucan lady,a mum of two who I’d say has the strength of a wildebeest.she likes to say that her life requires a kinda tough will of steel. A manager now 3 and half years in the same company.Her favourite quote is ‘hands may look soft,but I punch like a man I work more and I handle my business no excuses”   so its 1st September and this iron lady just turned 28 today . she is worth celebrating .Happy birthday Kagwey😇😄😅


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