when you finally Quit


It’s been a story a personal one for me and it looked like a movie so i kept recording it.though not to the very fine details. From my first blog just before you quit.. this was obviously the most viewed of my posts to why we work and now to When you finally quit..

It’s two 2 years since the bank account started receiving monthly gifts from one consistent person – her employer and deep within she felt it that energy to move on with this same thing was running out..a friend once joked that after an entry door.. the next door you look for is the exit one. And it was time for this exit door, 

I have advised her you being my audience.. and so my witnesses, that I encouraged her to move on ,I gave her the reason she should work then I told her to quit when I noticed she was wasting resources.

And that was the end of the journey that started August 2016 it ended 27th August 2018

It’s been a long learning journey tough at times but very enjoyable but that I will spare you because i have walked with you the journey even times when  i wanted to quit.. and because life is a balance of holding on and letting go..I decided to let go.

So when you leave,, Leave because your assignment is over- nothing is as bad as when you operating on borrowed time or injury time, you waste energy resources and yourself.

Leave for yourself- Employees have a habit of wanting to leave to shock the employers or their immediate boss, while the temptation of the former is strong due to previous injustices.leave because you want to be better than you are, leave gracefully.. let the % be 70/30 you having the higher side.

 Leave because there’s no longer a reason to stay- sit and search . If you find only one reason to stay and should it be convincing enough then stay..if you don’t please be glad to close the files and hand them over to your isn’t that long to be wasted.You may only love what you do. If you do then that’s one reason to  stay.

Leave if you are not growing- if you are stagnant in the same place for a long time,if you look and don’t see any chance to grow.. Life is made interesting by overcoming new challenges, diversification of things.If you don’t grow you die.. remember you are responsible for your life and for your every day growth.

Leave if you can do nothing to change the situation

Leave behind a  legacy – give people an easy time trying to find your footprints.. Let it be easy to recall that you were there,if you served them water,do it to the best of your ability. If you made them laugh or was a cheer leader like i,do it with such energy,such excellence that it may be hard for someone to wear your shoes-make it hard to be replaced.

Last but not least.. the decision to leave isn’t easy.. English people will say only a baby in wet daipers will love change.. we are comfortable in rather not so good environment than go pitch a new tent else where. So dear one,gather your shock absorbers, open up your mind, lower your expectations and know you don’t have forever time is fast moving…just know that you can start from the scratch again and build up.

Please don’t limit this to a job …. there are so many things to leave…if do a search and find no reason to stay… please leave gracefully and the end we judge you by how much of yourself you gave.

Yndungu 18-09-18


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