You need to let go

I need to first admit I’m so bad at the topic in question above.I don’t know how not to think about tomorrow, Im worrisome,, what is gonna happen next or hoping that probably something in the past might change.  I’m a pro at over thinking and destroying good moments..

Its a common problem with big hearted people ( consolation)

What if I mess this up, what will happen if I leave this and start this,I realized this when going through my archives… I’m this diary keeper,, I realized I got things I wrote as far as primary school.through to high school and the big bombs in campus.. So I’ll read and reread as though revising for an know the past is safe.. Its secure,,its not like the uncertain future…..and the only sad thing is that  some of the moments are just good/sour  memories in my mind.

Then It hit me,, this very moments i was reading,they all changed so should I.Those things i held as though they were eternal ended..some broke, some shoke me.. But they ended.. However dear they were.. they ended. That change is what I should except,people move, people change,life happens, relationships end, jobs end,.. That just as summer is, winter too is real.

I have even taken online tutorials,, on living in the present, not holding on dearly,, so we are somewhere,, but seriously,,im wasting much of today,and I realize I need to choose life today.. Hold the rest with a thread,,should it be heavy it will just drop.

Maybe you don’t own a v8 because there’s no space,, for both a demio and a v8.. – one needs to make room for the other….please forgive it that I’m a car lover- 

Im probably the only reason to my next level.. So could you.. How about we try this,, go face your fears and let what is meant to stay stay.. You might conserve energy for battles worth a more unclogged life……seriously you need to let go..

So who’s doing it with me…

Nyamburandungu.    12:47. 24:10:2018

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