This is for me

Yes its for me

For the days I have lived

For me the ones I’m yet to

For the mistakes I have made. 

Perhaps for the lessons I’m yet to learn

For the wounds I’m yet to nurse

for the smiles i light your  world with .

for the ones i get back,

 Or the frowns i get instead

For the laughter’s I have had

For the joys  I’ve tossed

That probably I’ll learn

A gathered  crowd may not mean rain

Holding my hand doesn’t mean a lifetime

That tonight doesn’t guarantee a morning

That fragile hearts needs to gather muscle

That you’ll need tough caring hands

For in life we  will need that

Or as Nganga Fletcher says ‘no matter where you are you need to make your moments’

This is for me.
You can make it yours too

Ndungu 8/10/2018


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