Write my wrongs.

i know you dont relate

especially with poetry

what does rhyme and rhythm have to do.

with your very groomed self

life so busy with deadlines to hit and boses to impress.

until you lose a love,

until your hearts bleeds against a block

and there’s something you can’t say with your words.

and for a moment you cant see

you are blind from the darkness in your spirit

then you’ll remember us

youll crave for us,

you’ll turn stones and run in the rain ranting for us,

to relate with your despaired self

to show you the road map we used

how we healed and health we sustained.

While we healed along time ago

our scars we wear with pride

coz we didn’t hide our pain

we let it the flow

paint our white gowns crimson

then the sun shone again

dried the pain like corn and it peeled off

we only have a story, that we ever hurt

it’s in the by gones.

thats why we dont hide behid poetry,

we come alive, we show off boldly.

in the words we write.

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