After a week like mine , you want to pause in the between and drink some water. coz weh! It one blurrry Tuesday evening and I’m trolling home after a tiresome day as usual

There’s fatigue in-between my shoulders, I crave a feeling out of reach sadly there hasn’t been much activity in my life lately. I forgot mine coffee mornings and wine laughter’s in the evening , the long relieving French kisses, the Friday overnight prayer vigils. I lost my thrill somewhere. A dangerous way of living ; living dead and routine. its called killing softly

its in this state that Uncle COSY lights my evening with this; People like him remind us how it feels when the sun returns after a storm – refreshing

I pretend I forget her second name,

But deep down, I just want to call her mine.

I see mine life on her lips,

She’s made me a believer, I believe in her,

I’d put my future on her hips.

And I don’t even need to be her type,

We can stand in front of the same mirror ,if that’s the only way she can see us together.

As a matter of fact,

Tell her I have been broken in so many places,

She doesn’t need to be careful with me.

But if she’s looking for a fresh start,

I can show her where to hurt me for the first time.

This woman, 

She’s got that thing that makes a man go spiritual like, oou Jesus!

But she’s no Jesus, 

Jesus healed the blind and this lady blinds me.

I close my eyes, and she’s not an imagination,

She’s an idea my brain puts to work.

I don’t dance for a living but she’s that rhythm that puts my body to work.

Her body is a church 

And I am ready to lead her choir!

There’s no hip and hop, my mind is stuck with her.

She’s got that pop, and then she’s got blues and all that jazz.

she’s the gospel – my good news

Lord, I confess my sins,

I told her I thought about her today but it’s a lie.

I think about her everyday.

she’s just sweet!

UncleCosy/ prestige adventures.

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