Will the sales man thrive in adversity.

Sales and marketing as a course was not part of what I studied .but I have practical skills in this same field from the school of “Just Do It.” In my 8-4-4 system sales is not anything I wanted to do, however this has become my life with experiences as my teacher.
Because sales is numbers , and numbers means money, money means better life, better health care, better everything.

Actually sales is the business that doesn’t shut down, especially if their products are essentials. This is why I ask. Will the sales man thrive in this adversity?
In 2003 a respiratory disease Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) hit China and killed hundreds. Schools shut factories closed, the once bubbly Streets of china run dry of people and activities as people locked themselves indoors to avoid exposure to the killer virus. It was a complete lock down in China. However, people needed food and personal care. With the uncertainty of how long that crisis would last, people turned to online selling and shopping.
It was in the midst of such crises that a young Alibaba only 4 years old rose amidst so many challenges and took root as a competitor. People had to turn to e-commerce and so many transactions went online. The business of purchasing and selling of essentials moved online .This and many other opportunities gave Alibaba rise.
Back to Kenya, the panic has hit Kenyans and consequently the markets following the Pandemic Covid19 first case announcement. Several other cases that followed and a looming partial or total lock down.
We have companies whose mode of operation is purely delivery.

Copia Kenya that operates at least in the rural and peri- urban areas of Kenya. Customers order via an agent and goods are delivered to the agent the customer then picks them.it is that easy. I have a soft spot for Copia, I was once an employee for 2 years. T

Twiga foods that sells fruit, tomatoes potatoes. Can close sales of up to 2M on a good day.
Jumia that has gone completely online from ordering through an app then delivery and operating mostly in the urban areas. Famous for Electronic, Glovo, Kilimall, Masoko, vivid gold and even food ordering, bus booking, banking aps. The ability of Mpesa in Kenya is also such an advantage. It favors this business everyway .We also have online business such as network marketing that has its fair share of companies under it. Online writing, and others such as Forex exchange bureau.
It brings the world together as a small global village. Is this time for Kenya to stop being adamant and respond by embracing the e-business and spread out not just within Nairobi.

From the banking business, transport sector, and the normal buying and selling. We appreciate baby steps towards it .May be its time. Or if so to ask is sales is just an opportunistic business that thrives in adversity. Nyambura ndung’u.. Stories I tell


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