My one desire..

If you were the morning, I’d be your song bird

Singing you into a new dawn

If you were the sun, my burn would be worth it

If you were the rain, I’d need no shelter

I’ll let you water my orchards

If you are the night, then I’m your moon

Perfectly fitting your embrace

If you were the dark sky, then I’d star it bright.

If you were an ocean, I’d be every wave in it.

The island of comfort, in my deep sea.

Where the horizon will kiss the sunset,

There we shall join.

You are the safe dock , where I anchor.

Admiring how the shores curve along your edges.

Sinking myself in your sandy shore.

Art our names on your shores and watch 

as the waters sweep it gently

If I held time in my hands, I’d stop it for us.

My promise will always be true to you.

My loyalty as sure as the sunrise.

My love  drawn unending to you.

To infinity and beyond.

To a forever sunset with you my desire.

you are the rose,  and i’m your glory.

You are my one desire.

#Stories I tell 

Nyambura ndungu 



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