Uliza kalamu

She is a book store herself 

Has a  bookshelf for a heart 

Ink runs through her veins

Her story is in the books 

Hers is a life full of chapters 

Different tittles of people she has met

Some take a sentence, others take pages

Some will even take a chapter 

Some have cost her a whole book!

A friend once joked for her problems,

Uliza kalamu

There are books she opens proudly 

Reads them out to today

There are those books she is scared to open 

Scared to read even to  herself 

But they happened and are there

Down memory lane

Where ink cannot, they’re written in the heart

You’ll wonder why she writes 

Of people and events she’s met

Some who made her Merry

Some who hurt her badly

But she hopes some one will find her

To make meaning someday 

And write about her 

Or someone will find her footprints 

and find their way home



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