She had ignored several times a call referring her to this job, not because she had anything better ,she was actually jobless fresh from campus just finished her attachment, the thing is that she could not make up her mind to that  carrer direction,

She was an environmentalist her conservation course was very fresh in her mind ,,so shifting to a sales person job was draining her muscles.It was late September2016  for the need of money she decided to do it till December and start the year 2017 on her dream course,,haha  it was a challenging job,, she was not a hardy girl ,as many of you may Know a job dealing with sales from the grassroot to the management of level needs a strong shock absorber, to say it plainly she was not anything like that.

Pressure to quit was more than the willingness to stay.December came and passed And 3months was over she was confirmed to another level,, she had friends who shared the same feeling of quitting and this is where she drew her strength to move on.
Tragedy struck when they(her cohort ) left one after another and once again in a whole company, she felt alone carrying too much and she was sure it was time to go! mind you she is Sanguine  those of you who know what characterises people of such personalities
This was the time she developed health complications ( remember for a Job) she sat to draft that resignation letter and was to deliver it next time there’s a meeting

To cut this short it’s now late September 2017  ooo sorry it’s early October 2017 she is still here of course on better terms. A proud one year product! developed her strength base , with those shock absorbers
She could leave at this point or even stay longer at her will, not because she feels pressed to
So just before you quit,,sit and ask someone who has been there longer how many times they felt like quiting,or how many times they actually quit , not just in the job market,, everywhere

  • beforeyou say it’s enough to that marriage,go to a lady who has stayed in hers and enquire why she has
  •  Before you quit on that education Ask that masters and phd student’s what they do to get through

Finally i don’t mean you should die somewhere in the name of holding on!evaluate situations,evaluate your streching base It’s a pride when you do it and thought you couldn’t just before you quit, listen to another person but don’t hold on to something that kills you 

#we hold on to become better

 Yvonne Nyambura


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