When I will be a mother

Hello ,I hope I’m not being over ambitious
When I will be a mother,
I will teach my children
they arent the most valued species
that ever existed
but they have a very unique role each
And for that reason they’re very important
to the world and more so to me

I will teach them discipline
So they’ll learn respect
I will teach them hardwork
so they’ll learn responsbility
I will teach them faithfulness
So they’ll learn intergrity

I will show them life
So they’ll live a day at a time
That their strength is very important
And will be so remembered used the right way
To help never to hurt

I will teach them that everyone
Deserves love.Especially those
that deserve it least, Need it most
I will love them in deed and in truth
So they’ll learn confidence
So they’ll grow with acceptance
And this way they will impact the world

I will want a beautiful life for them
Even so i know i wont decide
I will leave space ,so much space
To discover on their own
To try and error and learn from it
will watch and correct where neccesary

I dont know what will be moral fiber then
But i will tell them of God
To walk in his ways i will teach them
I will pray for them

Finally,i will remember im not only a mother
To my own children
But to so many in this society
And will show it to whoever needs to be mothered
because this ia learnt from my mother,I will teach it and pass it on,<img s


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