Impossible love

I wish I hadn’t met you

Im falling for you but you aren’t there.                    You don’t see it, or are blind to it.
There’s days I really want to see you

Days I really miss you.. 

I got attached to your smile, your smell, your touch
Days my eyes just want to behold you..                    But you aren’t there..

There days I long for your chest or a chisel in me but you aren’t there.
Days I want to hear your voice, but you are talking to another.

Days I want your attention undivided,, but you can’t.
You were divided long before I met you,

Its me who happened to cross your path,at the wrong time.

Because I crossed your eyes and my image glued to your mind.
I charmed your heart with the glare in my eyes.

Then I believed you, your words, so im here stuck.

Maybe i should have come earlier.. But how early? 5 years ago!!!
When I was ,18.. Even then we would still have to share you.

So let’s decide.. It had to be that way

You shouldn’t have loved me. You shouldn’t.
I shouldn’t have stopped to listen

I was okey. I was fine before you came.
I was forgetting another. Just a rascal like you.

You belong to another and can never be mine.

Are there impossible loves? because this to me, looks like one.


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