Her beauty.

true beauty won’t errode

You tell her she’s beautiful, She laughs and asks you how

When there’s a crack on her tooth, A crease by her cheeks

No dimple by the side, Her slightly too big nose

And how her hair takes years to grow!

And you wonder where she learnt it

Who ever told her? Where did she learn?

That beauty lies upon her skin and color

it’s sad how she’s let this define her.

It breaks a heart to imagine

she thinks the mirror estimates her worth

And not the lives she has touched

The one smiles she has put on a gloomy heart

And made one life better here on earth

For the sparkle in her eyes she’s beautiful

That will be true beauty. It was never temporal

It’s layers of make up that no rain can errode, no acid can corrode

It’s cast on rocks, it will outlive you.

StoriesITell– ©️

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