Healing lock down

I hear it happens at intervals

Every 100 years, it shuts down

I was lucky to see 2020

They stayed home, Not by will.

By enforcement, they dragged home.

The homes are not welcoming.

They missed meeting up at by-pass.

There was tension every 7pm.

Maybe not to listen, but they heard.

They played with the young ones,

Read books, they painted, the laughed.

Tried new recipes, they ate, exercised

Fought and reconciled.

Plastic relationships died naturally

People finally knew what mattered.

It was held dear, life is what mattered

The families compacted, they laughed

They mourned their dead, and cried

No time for show off. People were real

Then the rains fell, watered the earth

It washed away filth, and sprout seed

Healing came.. In waves, enforced

In tears, it was hard, but it came,

Maybe healing is all what was needed.

#Storiesitell Nyambura Ndungu. 24-04-2020


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