Birthday in quarantine

If you know you me, you know I treasure birthdays

If you don’t, then I’ve told you. Especially when the birthday is mine

This 16th day of May is the lucky day

I like to feel great, loved, special on this day, and of course even after that

The thought of this day sends chill, I’m always in anticipation.

Like a heart that won’t rest until I get to see it’s dawn to dusk

I don’t know the magic that comes with it..

But it does something to me that I can’t explain.

it is special to me and it should be to those who matter

I still like the cut your cake, blow your candle thing as they clap and sing Happy birthday

They ask and you respond years you are turning. It was imprinted in me long time ago.

I’d like to have a new dress, I’d like to dance and dine Then you’ll post my pics everywhere with birthday captions

But there’s a new kind of fun.. Deep down in the woods. Quiet and calm in good company,

sitting on a maasai kanga, as the wind blows to your direction

Listening to nature sing to you, then you’ll realize it’s the sweetest your ears will ever know

Reminiscing of the good past moments. Perhaps shed happy tears for the very good ones

Appreciate those unique people that life has given me as gifts that I could never buy

The family that I’ve always had. The friends that have come across my life and chosen to stay.

Then I cried over the sad things.. But I always had a shoulder.

A birthday won’t be a complete without a cake.. So I’ cut cake.. Take drinks , but this time in the witness of trees and the choir of a water fall.

We are just in time for the rains

But the birthday is beautiful and different. A birthday in quarantine.

#Storiesitell #birthday in quarantine. NyamburaNdungu.


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