As death awaits

I know the title sounds like death is a bus that passes by, like the yellow ones coming to pick school children in the morning. Sadly, this bus doesn’t bring them back in the evening. But yes you heard me right. Death can wait. It actually waits patiently but no matter how long, it still comes. To some soon, to some later.

Therefore I’m correct to say, we are on borrowed time that can be called ‘in the meantime‘ or ‘as death awaits‘ because it will wait. In the meantime,

Do your assignment.                                                   live your life ,be on your guard.                            Your actions will escort you to that bus stop where your bus awaits.

I hear you can’t beat death, but you can beat it in life, the way you live it. Live a life death can’t stop, because in your absence you still live on.            The idea is not to live forever, but to create something that lives after you are not there.

But death can wait, for those important things you need to do. Its actually waiting on you..

To be someone’s hero.

To be that person who gives someone a reason to live.

To  undo your misdoings, to put yourself in order.

To love, to forgive, to rise.

To achieve those goals and set new ones.

But to also know that your net worth is in lives touched, hearts lifted and memorable moments shared with those who matter amidst busy schedules. Not in cars built and houses bought. Not in carrer ladders climbed or tittles acquired.

To realize its borrowed time.

That your family should matter so much. Its the only place you won’t be replaced.

That way, if the sweet chariot comes swinging low, announced or silently, with a notice or abruptly , we know we are sojourners  who chose  to live full lives.

And death shall have no dominion, because there’s life after it. And because we have chosen to live lives death can’t stop.

 A tribute to our fallen heroes, to those who lived lives that even death hasn’t been able to stop.

Reflections on death.        

                                                                                             # stories I tell.

  Nyambura Ndungu.                                                     4th july 2019


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